Invitation Project #2

Making the invitations for the Little One’s was extremely fun to do. I had done the same thing that I did in the previous invitation by using a photo that I had already taken before. I was asked to do a favor for a friend, and in the process, I was able to take a photograph of the location, and used it as part of the invitation. Figuring out the color for the font wasn’t difficult. I thought the Dark Blue shade would stand out and work well for the photo’s color scheme. For the font on the invitation, I had wanted it to be playful seeing that it’s for a child’s first birthday, and had thought that the chalkboard font would be a playful addition. After making some tweaks with sizing, centering, and checking out various fonts and colors, the end result was that the invitation looked much better with the original ideas. Both sets of parents were happy with the final result, and had enjoyed looking at the invitations.Lincoln’s Invitation Party 1

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