Invitation Project #1

My mom was looking into making invites for a party she’s having in the beginning of April, and I had offered that I can do for her if she wanted me to. I already had in mind what image I wanted to do, so it wouldn’t be too hard. I told my mom the next day what I had in mind, and she immediately liked the idea.

The process of making these invites wasn’t difficult to do. The image was a picture I had taken this past summer. The following things I had to work on next were the font, the font size, and the color of the font. The font color was found by accident that was still in my Photoshop program from another project I was working on. I tested the color, and found out that it worked well with the picture. After I had figured a font size for the test, I had shown the draft to my mom and she said she liked it. I didn’t like that the font was in Arial, so after awhile I decided to change it. After going through what fonts I had, there were two I had liked. One was Alexa Sid, and the other one was Bentham. After going back and forth between the two fonts, in the end, I decided on using the Alexa Sid font.

And viola!

The invitations were completed!

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